Why John Mack matters to John Podesta

Posted on February 20, 2015 · Posted in Exoconsciousness, Extraterrestrial

Today, amid the lingering John Podesta UFO disclosure headlines, a friend asked me how I interpreted the last paragraph in the Vanity Fair, May 2013 article, “Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials?” which examines the work and legacy of John Mack.

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I’m sure many remember the end of the article: Roberta Colasanti, one of Mack’s research associates, said he communicated to her a cryptic message on the abductions they had been studying: “It’s not what we thought.” Colasanti waited breathlessly for the solution to the mystery, but it didn’t come. Mack promised to return with more information. So far he hasn’t.

Reading the clever journalist’s dangling implication “It’s not what we thought” in the context of John Podesta’s disclosure regret, I want to share with you my response to my friend.

Those who have read my previous John Mack blogs know that I deeply admire and respect him. And yet, I need to pull a thread from John’s work and weave it into what’s happening today related to John Podesta’s comment. There is an important tie. Many important ties.

Laurance Rockefeller is the weaver. John Podesta is a thread in the Rockefeller initiative that continues today. Yet, the most important thread in this unfolding extraterrestrial disclosure narrative is neither Rockefeller nor Podesta. As evolving Exoconscious people, the most important threads in disclosure are you and me.  Let me explain through the response I emailed my friend. Here is my response.

Thank you for the article on John Mack and the highlight of the last paragraph. Also for your nod to John Podesta and disclosure.

Roberta Colasanti was integral in John’s work. She was John’s clinical director. But, more on that later…

Let’s turn first to John Mack. There is a back story to John, as with all of us.  Laurance Rockefeller funded John’s Institute and also funded his trial attorney, Daniel Sheehan, who successfully defended John in the Harvard lawsuit. Laurance Rockefeller’s primary partner in the Clinton disclosure initiative was Marie “Bootsie” Galbraith.  Her husband was an Ambassador to France under Reagan, so you know they were a powerful couple. Furthermore, her husband, Evan Galbraith, was a member of the Yale Skull and Bones society.  (Familiar government crowd)

John was educated at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society Institute. The origins of the Institute began with Henry Murray, head of Harvard’s Psychology Clinic, who was part of the CIA MKULTRA program.  (Here they are again)

John Mack was also a Lawrence of Arabia scholar. Ironically, I believe he was attending a Lawrence of Arabia conference in London at the time of his death.  Lawrence of Arabia is historically relevant today regarding the role he played in the British, now US control of the Middle East.  The ramifications of his diplomacy actions linger. Lawrence of Arabia may also be connected to the Rockefellers.

Lawrence of Arabia managed the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire on behalf of the Arab Bureau of Britain’s Foreign Office. Other researchers linked Lawrence of Arabia to the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) which was the sister organization of the Rockefeller influenced Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

What are we to make of these threads that crisscross the career of John Mack:  CIA, MKULTRA, Skull and Bones, Harvard, Yale, Rockefeller, CFR, RIIA?  I’m not sure, other than the same players keep surfacing. As John Podesta does today with any mention of disclosure.

Now for John Mack’s message to Roberta Colasanti regarding extraterrestrial abduction, “It’s not what we thought.”

I am coming to understand that the ET presence is simply a consciousness phenomenon.  Exoconsciousness. Nothing more, but at the same time, much more. We are the ETs we are searching for.

ET is a component of human consciousness, a field. And you and I and others who are awake in their ET awareness, their exoconsciousness, move around in consciousness craft, not really much different than OBE craft.  Or dream craft. We possess conscious multi-dimensional mind craft.

Our ET consciousness encounters other ET consciousness. We are in the same field. When we meet, we call them guides, councils, commands and angels, reptilians or grays.  They are us and we are them, otherwise we would not see one another. Every human has the exoconscious ability to open this ET sight.

The Vanity Fair author finishes with journalistic titillation. Is John Mack saying that ETs are the evil invaders (ala space based weapons justification)?  Or is John saying that ETs are light beings (ala spiritual practitioners)?  Or is John saying that ETs are supernatural creatures (ala ayahuasca tea shamans)?

I ask you to consider, what if we are the ET, just now consciously emerging?  And as humans come in varied forms, so does our expression of the varied forms of ET. Like John Mack and John Podesta, we all create ties that connect us on many levels. We are all threads of a tapestry that weaves us into a field, a multidimensional field of consciousness.

As we strive to comprehend who we are as Exoconscious beings, we often separate and fall into duality. It’s a challenging undertaking to strive to know oneself. To listen to our own wisdom amidst the constant chatter that fills our world. When we allow ourselves to be separated from our ET Exoconsciousness, then the spin of others often begins. We hear and assume others’ projections. Others’ agendas.  Our own spirit is silenced, until we connect to our ET field. Then we begin to know our self.  This begins the journey of the ancient Delphic inscription, Know Thyself.


21 August, 1995 at Teton Ranch – Photo: Clinton Library

Reading the recent news releases, I couldn’t help but question if Podesta is involved in the development of a subtle propaganda to maintain global arms manufacturing by preparing us for weapons in space? Is he acting from the Rockefeller Initiative for disclosure? If so, what was their agenda? Or is he sincerely seeking to bring information forward for the benefit of all?


All I know is that in the years since the Rockefeller Initiative, not much has changed. Except for an occasional nod, going out the door.

In the meantime via the news, we maintain our idols, like the two Johns, and our UFOs, and our alien abductions. We assume others’ projections. Still, an important question begs to be answered. No, confronted. Do we collect the ET projections of others because it is easier to not believe who we are?

Perhaps John Mack didn’t know who he was, who he was working with and for. Only he can answer that question. Yet, what we do know is John Mack’s actions within the tapestry of the Rockefeller Initiative. And his actions were remarkable. John merged psychology and spirituality, providing a path of transformation through the ET personal encounter. He opened his heart and enhanced the field of consciousness study sharing intimate narratives of experiencers. He spoke at the Institute for Noetic Sciences where consciousness is the research language. He was just beginning to weave his work into the research of Near Death Experiencers just before he died.

John Mack matters to John Podesta. They walked in the same labyrinth with many of the same people. Important questions remain today about that labyrinth and John Podesta.

Will John Podesta continue the Rockefeller Initiative?  If so, how will he respond to the agenda that was laid out twenty year ago? And, what is that agenda? Or, like John Mack, will Podesta launch his personal initiative with an Exoconscious journey into self? Will he allow his journey to include communicating his ET experience, his Exoconsciousness, to the world? Will you? Will I?

We each can answer John Mack’s cryptic alien abduction message “It’s not what we thought” when we are ready to accept who we are as Exoconscious beings. We are the mystery. We are the Initiative. We are the message that matters.