Why John Mack Matters–Part One

Posted on June 26, 2014 · Posted in Consciousness, Exoconsciousness

The John Mack Film movement launched by Denise David Williams introduces us to Dr. Mack who reached beyond the Harvard Yard into the world of ET experiencers. Harvard didn’t give him permission to leave the Yard, so they put him on trial, and lost. Harvard’s loss was our gain. John moved deeper into the reality of the Extraterrestrial Presence on our planet and with its people.

John Mack’s Exoconscious Wisdom and Work

1. John removed the stain of insanity from the ET experiencer.  Ever the psychiatric scientist, John led his experiencer clients through batteries of tests and determined they were not only sane, but normally functioning humans who were working through integrating what we still view as a non-local anomalous experience.                                                                                    

2. John fenced the fear. He recognized that ET experiences were sometimes traumatizing, but more importantly, he recognized that society and peer judgment were often a primary cause of trauma. How we treat one another when we share ET experiences is key to a healthy integration of the experience.

3. John engaged the coming wave of Near Death research. He realized that NDE sharing and scientific study related to the study of ET experiencers. Whether NDE, paranormal or ET— the issue is consciousness. What I call Exoconsciousness in reference to the ET experience.

4. John, ever the objective academic mind, opened his heart to the ET presence and in so doing moved his work into spirituality. He recognized the oneness of our body with the universal body. The oneness of our physical body with planet Earth as a Gaia conscious body. This is cosmic consciousness. John connected to the ET presence in religious faiths and spiritual teachings around the world.
John began the Exoconscious journey and we gratefully continue it today. Please support Denise David William’s Film initiative.