UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness: The Exoconscious Implications of UFO Sightings

Posted on August 1, 2014 · Posted in Exoconsciousness

Mike Clelland’s Open Minds blog The Possible Unsettling Implications of UFO Sightings finally states the obvious in Ufology and the study of UFO’s.  Not only were there beings in authenticated UFO craft, but also most of those who witnessed a UFO were, according to Mike, “abducted”. He then goes on to cite many experts in abduction who confirm that often a UFO sighting = abduction.

As a contactee, researcher, hypnotherapist who has integrated my personal ET experiences and also worked with many contactees, I would change Mike’s equation to read: a UFO sighting = Exoconsciousness.

UFO sighting=abduction leads us around a feedback loop of repetitious trauma and information.

UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness moves us into an era of new information about ourselves as humans and our relationship with Extraterrestrials and their craft.                                                                                                        da vinci hands

What is the distinction between abduction and Exoconsciousness?

The formative decades of Ufology have been dominated by the study of Abduction which often focuses on humans taken against their will into harrowing, traumatizing circumstances involving extraterrestrials.  While abduction research has provided important information about experiences with ET’s, especially the work of those cited in Mike’s article, its research is often limited—by its assumptions, intentions and sources.

In abduction research, ET experiences are detailed and dissected through the primary lens of psychology, history and science (usually materialistic). Often the abductions are further filtered through military-intelligence sources that, as I have written here, have the intention of engineering technologies, control of human biology-mind and advanced weaponry.

As contactees we need to be aware of the intention of our military-intelligence sources.  Because, we become who we research. We become our sources, adopting their conscious awareness and belief systems. It just happens—whether we are aware of it or not, whether we fight against their systems or not.  Our consciousness eventually merges, entangles with theirs.

I would submit that a new era of UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness, stepping around the military-intelligence sources and going directly to experiencers, will bring forth information and ultimately the transformation that our species and our planet need to survive and thrive.

What are some fundamentals of UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness 

brain wavesTrauma Recovery is Normal:  As I wrote here, in the 10 years since John Mack’s death, we have moved    light-years in the treatment of trauma. While Mack primarily had talk-therapy, spiritual teachings and  diagnostic tools to treat trauma, we have moved way beyond the couch to next-generation treatments. 21st Century  Traumatologists have combined 1) research about how we humans literally scar our brains with traumatic  experiences with 2) spiritual brainwave research, 3) sound and natural body postures healing, and 4) quantum  technology where your brain looks at your brain and heals itself. Exoconsciousness uses this advanced trauma science and healing to move beyond Mack’s emphasis on “fencing the fear.” We now have the ability to heal our fear of abduction and need not belabor or relive all the horror and pain, again and again. We can step out of the trauma loop.

Multi-dimensional Mind: Exoconsciousness asserts a 9th Psychic Intelligence.  According to Howard Gardner of Harvard, humans have multiple intelligences: interpersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial, biokinesthetic, musical, and intrapersonal.  Exoconscious research posits that we humans have an innate, yet under-developed and culturally denied 9th Psychic Intelligence. This psychic intelligence includes ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, energy healing abilities and much more. This 9th Intelligence is based on our natural human ability to move within a cosmic multi-dimensional consciousness. While psychic intelligencethis multi-dimensional ability has been scrutinized (to put it mildly) by science, religion, history and psychology, it is the primary intelligence that will take us into space and heal/advance our human species and our Earth.

The most important work of Exoconsciousness is to research and recognize through science and experiences that our human species is created, equipped for ET Contact—and that this ability is sourced in our consciousness, our Exoconsciousness.

In UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness, the issue isn’t whether humans have been abducted or the need to convince ourselves of the ET presence. The issue is who we are and whether we are ready to be our Exoconscious selves. We humans have more in common with ET’s than we realize. Our technology mimics theirs.  Our minds connect effortlessly with theirs. Our bodies are changing such that many of us even look like different ET races. Our ET-human commonalties are numerous. But the most important commonality is our consciousness—which is, according pioneering philosophers, spiritual, and consciousness scientists— a fundamental property.

To take the leap into UFO sighting=Exoconsciousness only one daring question needs to be answered. When will we, as humans, let go of the military-intelligence agenda and our need to run to Hollywood, media, and mainstream academics and scientists? When will we step out of their feedback loop, and be authentically psychic? Become Exoconscious. Trust ourselves. Trust our experience. Trust the new consciousness science that speaks to our experience, even though it has been kicked off Wikipedia and TED talks. That was our first clue that these researchers were moving into our field of ET experience of multi-dimensional mind.

When will we let go of the past sources and listen to experiencers.

Only when we let go and listen to experiencers do we begin to mature as a species. And, mature extraterrestrial contactees are not abductees. The abductee label no longer fits.

Mature exoconscious live in a different reality. They are creating an exoconscious reality free of control, trauma, feedback loops going nowhere, and weapons. They are creating an exoconscious reality of heightened, mature awareness of who we are, why we are here and how we choose to relate with the Extraterrestrial presence.