The Third Seeding of UFO-ET: Exoconsciousness: Video

Posted on April 3, 2015 · Posted in Consciousness, Exoconsciousness, Extraterrestrial, UFO

Our ET UFO community is rapidly emerging as Exoconscious—aware, powerful and public as ET experiencers. We can visualize this 70 year emergence of the UFO-ET phenomenon as a transitioning seedbed of three evolutions.

1) Initially the UFO ET community was Ufology, sourced by government, military and intelligence information.
2) Next our community was identified as Exopolitics, sourced by the UFO threat to National Security and the need for a political response.
3) As the Third Seeding, we are an emerging Exoconscious community, sourced by innate connections and communications with ETs via our consciousness. This wellspring is sourced in health, well-being, peace, and an integrated spirit.
As Exoconscious—we SEE ourselves as ET. We participate in a shared psychic intelligence. A fine vibration of health and well-being emerges.

I shared a delightful conversation with Podcaster and community medium, Rachel Love, where we discuss the Third Thriving Seeding of UFO-ET: Exoconsciousness. And how this Third Seeding is changing the image of Ufology.