Telepathic Contact: Moon, Microwaves and Mind

Posted on July 29, 2014 · Posted in Consciousness, Exoconsciousness, Telepathy

News from two sources this morning brought me again to the subject of telepathy. How does ESP, in particular telepathy work? How is it useful?

To answer these questions, the intention of your research matters. If your research is for developing weaponry, your end result is controlling human behavior. This would include diminishing as well as heightening telepathy.   If your research is to understand human consciousness then your end result is advancement/refinement of  innate human abilities. These two distinct schools of research may well be reaching the same scientific conclusions. Yet, how they use their conclusions is now the defining issue.

My first source came from Joseph Farrell and contextualizes scientific telepathic research for weaponry. Joseph wrote about the Department of Defense’s FOIA release of Eisenhower Briefing on MJ12, November 1952. (begins on page 449 and authenticity of document questioned) The Eisenhower briefing is buried in a 1966 document, OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE FOR PROJECT PANDORA MICROWAVE TEST FACILITY prepared by EV Byron.

Question:  Was MJ 12 connected to Microwave research or was the Eisenhower file cleverly hidden in this document? If MJ12 is linked to microwaves, then is microwave-telepathic  research also UFO reverse-engineered? Most likely, since researchers of reverse-engineered technology often cite microwave technology.

mitchellThe second source is NBC News recent article on  Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14, which launched for the moon on January 31, 1971. This article highlights human consciousness research for advancing psychic abilities.  Dr. Mitchell, during the Apollo 14 mission,  performed an ESP experiment writing down sets of numbers and symbols during specific times, to see if four persons selected to receive this information would write down anything similar.

Dr. Mitchell returned to Earth convinced that humans had psychic abilities (note the word spy in psychic–has it always been hidden?)  In the interview, he regrets the lack of scientific involvement in telepathy.

The idea that telepathy exists hasn’t gained much traction in the scientific community, but Mitchell saw the results as promising. “The experiment persuaded me that ESP could happen,” he writes in the book. He retired from NASA and the U.S. Navy soon after his moon mission, and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973.

So why hasn’t telepathy gained much traction in the scientific community? Or has it?

My answer would be that the scientific community historically has a great deal of traction regarding ESP, telepathy, consciousness.  Their research is from the perspective of weaponry, so their results would be measured by control of human behaviors and abilities.  Let’s put Apollo 14 in a historical context of psychic science.

The year 1965, six years prior to Apollo 14, was pivotal in telepathy-microwave weaponry research. Project Pandora exposed chimpanzees to microwaves to control their behavior, the “Moscow Signal” may have beamed microwave radiation into the Moscow American Embassy, and the microwave technology “Death Ray” was developed.

Then in 1968, three years prior to Apollo 14, more microwave research comes forward.  Eldon Byrd submits a paper on telemetry of brain waves and Dr. Gordon J. F. MacDonald (LBJ) refers to low frequency electro-magnetic waves in the ionosphere and human brain and behavior.

To date, weaponry research cascades. Our scientific community has developed synthetic telepathy and opens new research via the human brain initiative. We also have particle accelerators producing neutrino research, which has been linked to telepathy.

But so far, none of this research has been used to advance and refine human consciousness and psychic abilities.

Dr. Mitchell is correct, with one caveat: the Exoconscious reality that humans have innate, advanced psychic abilities has not gained traction or funding. Instead, our human psychic abilities are so powerful that our government is pouring research funds into diminishing or heightening them under controlled conditions.

My Final Question and the most important one: When will humans, independent consciousness and collective consciousness,  take the initiative for their own well-being, their own advancement? I’m ready for traction.