Hillary and John: Disclosing the SELF-Evident

Posted on October 12, 2015 · Posted in Disclosure, Exoconsciousness, Exopolitics, Institute for Exoconsciousness

Dear Presidential Candidates and Exoconscious Friends:

For 20 years, Stephen Bassett, Disclosure Lobbyist, dug deep into the furrows of DC politics pulling the weeds of disinformation and dead on arrival announcements. He planted the truth of the ET Presence with facts of national security and covert government programs. He wrote letters, held hearings,  distributed films and engaged in intense, yet diplomatic conversations. He reminds John Podesta and Hillary Clinton of their experience with the 1993 Rockefeller Initiative for Bill Clinton to end the truth embargo and be the “Disclosure President” citizen hearing DC

The Washington, DC, Institute for Exoconsciousness joins with Stephen as we share another perspective of Disclosure–the power of SELF-awareness that we are Exoconscious Humans. We, as Exoconscious Humans, are aware of our extraterrestrial identity formed through ET Experiences, UFO contact, reading, research, and community conversations. Our lives changed, our identity transformed through our ET experiences. We are Extraterrestrial.

We no longer hold the ET Presence at arm’s length. We embrace it as who we are.

Hillary, John, every Presidential candidate and their teams, we realize that you have pressures and agendas that we can only imagine.

Candidates: Consider if You are Exoconscious?

We have one request: Pause for a moment and go within. Become a vessel who holds the information and wisdom of the ET Presence. You have ET information. We all share in the once classified information of the ET Presence.  Has the information changed you? Redefined and transformed you?

Are you, in fact, Exoconscious? Even if it’s a flicker of recognition, we welcome you. And we wish you the best on your campaign trail that seems to be long, arduous, and also full of joy.

We hope you have a twinge, or maybe a flutter of recognition when you shake the hand of an Exoconscious Human. Maybe you will experience who you are becoming. Make Contact.

Questions Come from Contact

That Contact may lead to questioning your political presumptions, as we questioned ours. That Contact may lead to questioning the massive infrastructure built to maintain a human species that kills each other, as we have questioned.

Hopefully your Contact leads you to lay aside any plan of making the Extraterrestrial Presence a cover story for your political gain. It will not work. We have seen that playbook and it is flawed and false. Exoconsciousness does not work like that.

Hillary, John and all those running for President and their staff, when you make ET Contact, you will quickly realize how EVERYTHING you know, believe and trust needs to be reconfigured. We did.

At first it may feel impossible to release, dismantle and create anew. But it’s not impossible. It’s imperative.

All is reconfiguring, because a growing community of people awakened and are moving in a direction that you may now be sensing. This Exoconscious movement isn’t a cover story or social media announcement gone viral. It is our Extraterrestrial Reality.

Support Stephen

Stephen_Bassett_Capitol-700x467Stephen Bassett, the Institute for Exoconsciousness and our community thank you. For your work, for your dedication, for your single-minded focus for 20 years that granted us the gifts of knowing who we are: Exoconscious.

Please read Steve’s Letter to Hillary Clinton and support his Lobbying.