Exoconsciousness Empowerment

Posted on January 7, 2013 · Posted in Exoconsciousness, Practice

April 13, 2001, I received Reiki attunement from Don Beckett, my dear friend who is now sending Reiki from the other side. Don was the author of Reiki, The True Story: An Exploration of Usui Reiki.  I miss Don.  We felt an immediate Exoconscious–ETI connection.

One of the gifts of Reiki is Empowerment. As a tribute to Don, his healing work and our friendship, I began to practice the physical and spiritual empowerment of exoconsciousness. It’s easy. Daily I intend and meditate on the presence of my source, my extraterrestrial lineage, in each particle of my body and being. It is similar to feeling a “wave” of exoconscious energy flood into “particles” throughout my body.

As Don describes it, Reiki was an “extension cord” connecting me to my real Self. It felt that way every time I “did” Reiki … and it was many years later when I learned that Reiki (the energy) does indeed act as a cord or a bridge, connecting us to Shinki (“God-energy” or the ultimate Source energy – which is also the true Self, of course). The Kwan Yin image personifies the cord of our oneness.

However you choose to name it, this subtle Exoconscious, Reiki, Shinki energy connection with our source has a powerful impact on our consciousness, our DNA, our behavior and beliefs. Each time we meditate we sow seeds of conscious connection back to our source.  And that means something for our personal history. Over time it will define our collective consciousness. As we pilgrims progress to source and open our minds and hearts to our extraterrestrial lineage we transform what is now an alternative human ET history into mainstream culture. Our true story.