Exoconsciousness: The Next Big Thing

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My dear friend from college, Diane Kendig, who is a poet, teacher and soul transformer, invited me to participate in The Next Big Thing.  We are asked to answer 10 questions about our book or project and then tag our writer friends, asking them to respond.

Diane is a walking, breathing saint.  For years she has worked within the prison system to awaken the poetic spirit of those incarcerated.  Can you think of any more sacred vocation?  Here is a link to Diane’s website blog and her answers to the questions about her Next Big Thing

I am tapping my friends and colleagues Larry Lowe, Dr. Lynne Kitei, Joan Bird, JK Scott and Chase Kloetzke.  I hope to share their Next Big Thing with you.

Here are my answers to the Next Big Thing questions. It provides insight into my book and history.

Next Big Thing: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

What is the working title of your book?

download cover photoExoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind

Where did the idea come from for the book?

The idea for Exoconsciousness emerged from my involvement in the ufology and experiencers communities locally in Phoenix as well as internationally.  After years of study, in 2004 I taught Extraterrestrial Reality, one of the nation’s first ufology courses at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.  I was also active with the Phoenix Lights community. 

During this time I became increasingly convinced, of the importance of consciousness in this burgeoning field.

For me, consciousness was the ufology linchpin, the fundamental property of reality that engaged us with extraterrestrials. Early one morning the phrase “exoconsciousness” drifted into my mind and the book took on a life of its own.

I wanted the reader to become comfortable with the multi-dimensional, psychic nature of their consciousness and their ancient link to the stars. The book was a joy to write.

I am currently teaching Introduction to Exoconsciousness online at International Metaphysical University. We all have an important contribution to this field of learning. Extraterrestrial disclosure happens one person at a time.

IMU BannerWhat genre does your book fall under?

Non-fiction, consciousness, ufology, paranormal, metaphysics

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind explores the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness as our fundamental connection to extraterrestrial life and road map to becoming a space-faring race.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Published 2008 by Authorhouse

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 

Research and writing, eight months.  A friend graciously loaned me his garden apartment in Hilo, Hawaii where I wrote the spine of the book, then I returned to Phoenix where I completed the writing. Then the editing commenced, which is another story…

What other books would you compare this story to within you genre? 

The Phoenix Lights: A Skeptics Discovery we are not Alone by Dr. Lynne Kitei

Exopolitics: How does one speak to a Ball of Light by Paola Harris 

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard Dolan and Bruce Zabel

Passport to the Cosmos by John Mack

The Custodians by Delores Cannon

Revelations: Alien Contact, Human Deception by Jacques Vallee

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Ruth  Hover Open MindsA fundamental inspiration for my book was Dr. Ruth Hover. She organized and facilitated the longest running experiencer group in the nation. Ruth and I met in Fountain Hills, Arizona. People from all over the country would find their way to our experiencer community.

Dr. Ruth was a colleague of Dr. John Mack, the Harvard professor who counseled experiencers and published his findings, much to the chagrin and eventual legal attack by Harvard. Dr. Ruth was also a colleague of Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a professor at the University of Wyoming who was the first academic to study abduction.

Ruth, John and Leo were part of a core group who established the field of experiencer research. I had the great fortune to be trained by Ruth and also benefitted from her extensive library, network of colleagues, friends and unparalleled wisdom.

Members of Ruth’s experiencer group have published 10 books. Many have gone on to do exceptional work in ufology, medicine, science, writing, journalism and alternative healing and research.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Writing Exoconsciousness with my background in philosophy and theology deepened my understanding of the influences of extraterrestrial visitation on religion: scripture, ritual, revelation and cosmology. How our consciousness array creates our belief system, holographic consciousness.

While writing the book, I integrated the personal patterns of my life that drew me into this fascinating field. Throughout the book I include opportunities for the reader to explore their own journey of advanced extraterrestrial consciousness.

Today I have the good fortune to work with Apollo 14 Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, whose 9 hour walk on the moon brought him back to earth a changed man.  He returned and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences as well as Quantrek, a non-profit researching zero point energy via holographic consciousness and extraterrestrial presence.