Exoconscious Response to Gabriel De la Torre— Are we Ready for Extraterrestrial Contact

Posted on May 12, 2014 · Posted in Consciousness, Exoconsciousness, Practice

As an ET Experiencer community, what is our response to Gabriel De la Torre’s study citing that Earthlings are not ready for alien encounters?

  1. Outright dismissal?
  2. Integration—Give him his intellectual due for surveying 116 college students in Spain, US and Italy as a basis for his conclusions?
  3. Arms length observation—Citing his involvement in International Academy of Astronautics, SETI Permanent Study Group as his bias?

I propose that De la Torre’s study provides us with important information on what students cite as major influencers of our Western perception of ET’s: religion, military, government space agencies, abduction researchers and yes, von Daniken’s ancient alien hypothesis.

Further I propose that De la Torre’s study also provides a view into these students’ consciousness and how it was formed.

What are the Influencers in ET Contact?

Most media ignored the list of major influencers cited in Torre’s study.

Of the 116 students:

72.8% believe that demons and angels exist.

82.1% think it is important to have a space agency.

71.4% think the military should have the main role in the event of contact with an alien civilization.

80% believe if we find aliens more advanced than us they will try to conquer us.

78% believe there is a chance we’ve been visited by aliens in the past.

What do we do with this information?

First we need to take seriously how we as ufologists and ET Experiencer researchers are also influenced by these same structures of society.  One needs only a cursory view of Ufology to note how its research is dominated by government, military and intelligence sources. We chase these sources. We hold conferences and hearings, presenting them as the only authority figures. We have built an intellectual edifice reflecting their views.  In building this edifice we increase their cultural power. In building this edifice, we create a mass ET consciousness.

We ufologists and ET experiencers typify the college students surveyed. And we need to acknowledge our involvement with government, military and intelligence as the only authority.

Second, we need to look at De La Torre’s solution—cosmic consciousness. He claims we may need 50 to 100 years for contact.

Cosmic consciousness may have been coined 100 years ago by Canadian psychiatrist, Richard Bucke, but it is a far more ancient phenomenon.   Probably more ancient than the demons and angels cited as believable by nearly 73% of the students.  Humans and the cosmos are one, or as quantum physicists theorize, entangled.

Cosmic Consciousness—Exoconsciousness

I developed Exoconsciousness as a field to study the Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness.   Exoconsciousness is essentially the ancient cosmic consciousness, framed with 21st Century pillars of quantum and subjective science (witness testimony), consciousness science and the wild cards of ancient aliens and religion.

In my Exoconscious work, I have become increasingly concerned with the state of ufology regarding formation of our collective consciousness.

I sat through most of the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure and heard the word “consciousness” spoken maybe once.

I read ufologists who nibble at the edges of consciousness and yet desperately cling to their objectivity in this subjective science.

And yes, I despair at the overwhelming influence of military, government and intelligence in our field of ufology. This focus is leading us into their reality—fear, war, despair and control. Is this where we want to go? Is this what we want to consciously create?

Make no mistake—as we leap headfirst—pardon the pun—into their reality—it becomes OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Perhaps our focus on the military, government and intelligence as influencers of ET Presence is a natural outgrowth of how we write our history. And perhaps this was ufology’s first phase which I honor along with those in the military, government and intelligence who provided our modern first look at ET. Thank you.

Yet, as ufologists we are no more “breakaway” than the secret groups we posit control us.  Clamoring after them for source material, we are giving them our energy, our minds.  Their reality is ours.

It is time for a change.

Where do we go from here?

I humbly suggest we let go of the parade of traditional scientists, military, government and intelligence experts who create our consciousness.

Then we need to quietly listen to Experiencers.  They are telling a very different story about contact. They are developing mature cosmic consciousness. They are struggling with “living in the non-local with their feet on the ground.” Who is listening? Paola Harris listens. Audrey Starborn listens. Barbara Lamb and Mary Rodwell listen. Lynne Kitei listens. John Mack listened. I listen.  As do many others.

As we listen, we begin to also hear the voices of philosophers, physicians, and scientists who are delving into the subjective science of cosmic consciousness—Edgar Mitchell, Deepak Chopra, Dean Radin, Karla Galdamez, Gary Schwarz, Rupert Sheldrake, Rocco J. Gennaro, Stuart Hameroff, Anirban Bandyopadhyay,  Menas Kafatos  and many more.

Have you heard their voices? These are the scientists who are beginning to listen to us.

These consciousness scientists and our community of ET Experiencers provide an important alternative to the current focus of ufology. They provide an alternative consciousness that takes seriously what De la Torre dismisses as a “special mystical state of achievement”.

The most important thing in Exoconsciousness is that we humans are created, equipped for Extraterrestrial contact, cosmic consciousness.

In this early transitional phase of what is means to be human, we label our psychic abilities “super powers”.  Conjure cartoon characters. When in fact, all humans share these advanced achievements.

These are multidimensional human abilities. We used to call them mystical.  Just the language has changed. Today we define ourselves as multidimensional beings.

Exoconscious Challenge  

Here’s the challenge–who we research and where we focus our energy—becomes our consciousness.

Every moment of every day we choose our consciousness field, our frequency, with whom we resonate.

As a hypnotherapist and Exoconscious Coach—I learned this intention science from Bill Tiller, another voice we need to heed.

In Exoconsciousness, I posit that the most important relationship, field of study, is ourselves. This is the emerging field of subjective science. As my friend Marc Ryo terms it – our “source selves”.

When we delve into our Exoconsciousness—we have contact. We acknowledge and live the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of our human consciousness.

Changing our focus, listening and working together are ways we develop cosmic consciousness. Our human species is moving rapidly through this process of maturation. And De la Torre agrees. Just our timelines and influencers differ.