Edgar Mitchell Wikileaks Email to John Podesta is Authentic

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Recently, George Noory asked me to film a segment on his Beyond Belief  on Gaia. Much of our conversation focused on looking back over my 5 years of working with Dr. Edgar Mitchell and his zero-point energy non-profit, Quantrek. We also discussed my current work with the Institute for Exoconsciousness.


Little did I know that following that interview, my work with Edgar would spill out of a Wikileaks hack of John Podesta’s emails.

Over the past days, I’ve witnessed the confusion, dismissing, and elation surrounding the email leak.

As a researcher, I know the frustrations that accompany trying to piece together a journalistic narrative, especially when all you have to go on are a random email, one of the subjects has passed away, and the other is unavailable.

Wikileaks Disclosure: What I know

In the spirit of discovery, I want to offer what I know of the Mitchell-Podesta Wikileaks email. Please accept it in the spirit it is given.

In August of 2011, I moved to Washington, DC, to represent Edgar’s Quantrek zero-point energy organization.

By March of 2014, via emails from Edgar and me to John Podesta and his assistant, Eryn Sepp, plans for Edgar’s meeting with Podesta were underway. Eryn informed me by phone that Podesta would like to schedule a meeting with Edgar. Unfortunately, this did not transpire. By that time, health issues prevented Edgar’s travel and Podesta was soon to depart the Obama administration for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Later in 2014, I ended my work with Quantrek. By that time, the work of Quantrek was winding down.

However, Suzanne Mendelssohn and Terri Mansfield continued to advocate on Edgar’s behalf to schedule a skype between Edgar and Podesta. The 2015 Wikileaks email is their attempt to schedule a meeting.  To my knowledge, their requested skype between Edgar and Podesta never transpired.

Eventually, Edgar closed Quantrek and removed it from the web. He then began his affiliation with Eternea, exploring near-death consciousness in cooperation with Eben Alexander.

I remained in Washington, DC, and established the Institute for Exoconsciousness to support ET Experiencers through research and application of the innate ability of human consciousness to connect and communicate with ETs. This work is grounded in my years of experience with Edgar and Quantrek.

Wikileaks Email is Accurate

Edgar’s 2015 wikileaked email to John Podesta is accurate. It was emailed by Terri Mansfield on behalf of Edgar. The email reflects similar wording and content of Edgar’s many emails that were sent during my 5 years of working with him at Quantrek.  podesta-mitchell-email

Wikileaks Email Meaning in Context of Edgar Mitchell

In addition to verifying the accuracy of the Wikileak, here is my perspective of the meaning behind the leaked email. Here’s what I believe Edgar knew, who he was, and why he wrote the email. Here is context I offer:

  • Edgar had deep wisdom and a brilliant integrative intellect. He drew upon his scientific background, a number of paranormal experiences, as well as his professional career in the military and NASA. Later in life, Edgar developed a perspective of ET-UFO in his Quantrek work that integrated  zero-point energy, consciousness, and ET Presence. All three belong together. They are, in some sense, inseparable.
  • Edgar was Exoconscious. Most of his ET-UFO information came from external (often government insiders) sources. Edgar also listened and had lengthy conversations with ET Experiencers. Toward the end of his life, he both accepted and affirmed the ET Presence.

Did Edgar question the ET Presence? Did Edgar push back against ET Experiencer information that he found flawed?  Yes, frequently. But over time, the ET information he accumulated became personal. As Exoconscious, Edgar integrated the ET information he received into his personal reality that he then transferred into his scientific theories and applications.

Exoconscious ET experience is a continuum. ET information integrates, often over a lifetime. Exoconsciousness is a lengthy process of filtering experience and information with personal discernment, which eventually moves to a maturing wisdom.

Unidentified Secrets reside within each of us. It’s not the Unidentified flying objects we seek; it’s the inner Exoconsciousness that waits to be revealed. We each set our own timeline for waking up and integrating what we know about OUR relationship to the ET Presence. In this respect, Edgar was no different than you and me.

  • Edgar’s email described ET’s in a contiguous universe. ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth.  In this quote, Edgar is referring to fields of holographic consciousness. He is referring to a multi-dimensional consciousness, which, I believe, he possessed and was ready to share with Podesta. He is also referring to ET as an intelligence, or beings as sources of energy and information.

What are the contiguous universes?

Until you’ve broken the bounds of your 5 senses and unleashed the powers of your psychic intelligence, you cannot imagine a multi-dimensional consciousness. But once you’ve passed the barrier of your 5 senses, what lies beyond constantly beckons you. Ask any religious or spiritual adept, it beckons you eternally.  For it is you.

  • paradigmresearchgroup


    Edgar moved far beyond mainstream science. If one of the primary purposes of science is to explore the unanswered questions—then Edgar excelled at the frontiers. And, for him, science was not simply a mental exercise in questions and ideas. For Edgar, science was rooted in consciousness both within the human experience and beyond, in the field of consciousness.

  • Edgar chose to integrate ET Experiencers–telepathic contactees and inventors of ZPE devices—into his scientific team. That was why I was asked to join his work. I’ve had telepathic ET contact since my early years.

In fact, many major scientists at a bare minimum equate a mysterious creativity or intuition for their theories and ideas. Edgar went one step further as he reached out to ET Experiencers for their abilities and knowledge.

  • Edgar had a vast vision for Quantrek. He wanted to create an organization that brought zero-point energy into the mainstream. He saw Planet Earth lit with zero-point energy. Light shining in heretofore dark places. Light energy broken free of corporate metrics and myths of limit.

To that end, Edgar chose to reach out to multinational energy corporations and billionaires. Quantrek was not a small business; it was a visionary enterprise. It needed financial support from billionaires for whom a million dollars was pocket change. Suzanne Mendelssohn was the primary fundraiser.

  • Edgar was a pacifist. He wrote to Podesta of non-violent ETI. Edgar was a close friend and colleague of Carol Rosin, who worked with Werner von Braun. Carol is a pacifist and an activist. Both Carol and Edgar were deeply concerned about weapons in space and the threat they posed to our human race and our planet.

edgar-astronaut-nasaEdgar was that unique man who was trained as military, and yet, in his later years affirmed the indisputable sanity of pacifism. In 2005 he was a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Edgar was a realist.  He disclosed government involvement in both the leaking and suppression of ET – UFO, zero-point energy, paranormal, and consciousness information. He was realistic about von Braun warnings of Project Bluebeam false flag UFO events as planned fake attacks. He was realistic about Hollywood cartoonish ET characters. And he was realistic about the ongoing violent framing of ET public perception to fit the war objectives of military science. DARPA grabs ET.

  • Political disclosure wasn’t the primary issue for Edgar. In planning his meeting in Washington, DC, Edgar was not simply looking for Podesta to announce ET Disclosure. He didn’t need political confirmation. Over time, Edgar had developed his own personal confirmation of the ET Presence. His Exoconsciousness. Given the depth of Podesta’s UFO-ET knowledge, it appears that he too has confirmation.

No, Edgar was requesting a much more extensive dialogue with Podesta. He wanted to discuss how we as a nation, as a human species, move forward with our relationship with ET. How we create a reality that includes zero-point energy, consciousness, and the ET Presence.

  • Edgar was an engineer. He valued both scientific theory and practical applications. He witnessed zero-point inventions that worked and he wanted to take the next step in modeling them on a larger scale.

In his email, Edgar was asking for a conversation with Podesta that would build the foundation for the first steps in a peaceful, productive, and healthy reality of human-ET cooperation on zero-point energy.

  • Edgar was a religious man. He was raised a Southern Baptist. He was birthed into a biblical family. And yet, he was a mystic who valued the metaphysical. As a mystic, Edgar kept reaching for the unknown. The eternal. The field of consciousness. ET.

Late in his life, Edgar and his colleague, German mathematician Walter Schempp, developed their theory of the Quantum Hologram.

Journalist Larry Lowe grasped Edgar’s work in integrating the metaphysical and physical sciences.  Edgar wanted to scientifically study how a mystic communicates to a scientist. How the physical and metaphysical sciences integrate and dialogue. To understand Edgar’s Quantum Hologram, read Larry’s comprehensive article.

One Last Question:

As you contemplate Edgar’s Wikileaked email—please ask yourself—

Where would we be today if the Edgar-Podesta meeting had taken place?

We can only imagine. But explicitly, through this imagining we begin to work together to build an ET-Human community via Exoconsciousness. That was where Edgar’s work was going. psychic-intelligence

From Quantrek to Exoconsciousness

Here’s the vision of a group of international facilitators of ET Experiencer communities who are working with the Institute for Exoconsciousness:

The ET Presence is and will continue to emerge and emanate on our planet through the coalescence of Experiencer communities sharing ET-Human exoconsciousness for harmonic sustainability and peaceful advancement of life.

Can you see it? If so, it was lit by Edgar’s vision.

If you wish to join us, please contact me via the Institute for Exoconsciousness.