Davos Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life: Are we going to Communicate?

Posted on January 26, 2013 · Posted in Exoconsciousness, Extraterrestrial

Michael Salla’s recent article, World Leaders Prepare for Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life in 10 Years, wisely compares the approaches of the 1961  Brookings Report, funded by NASA, to the Davos World Economic Forum, Global Risks 2013 formulated by Lee Howell, Editor in Chief, and funded by universities and insurance companies.   Different times, funders— different responses, conclusions.  And yet, in both documents, Exoconsciousness remains pivotal.

While the tone of response to extraterrestrial presence in the Davos document is appreciably more confident and centers on economic benefits and space achievements, the Brookings Report, with a more tentative and fearful tone, asks the crucial question–what would be the nature of communication between us and the beings we encounter.

The Davos document’s concern is to stake economic claims and mine resources. The Brookings document’s concern is to communicate, while wary of integrating culture and values. While the game plan has dramatically changed and beings have curiously disappeared, both documents highlight the emerging role of Exoconsciousness.     

Global Risks are planetary, external risks that possess an exogenous nature and require cultivating resilience.  Two of the 5 stated Global Risks, or X-Factors, have Exoconscious implications regarding preparation for dealing with the reality of extraterrestrial life (or as they term it “alien life”): risk numbers 2 and 5.

Davos Risk Number 2: Significant Cognitive Enhancement outlines the implications of futuristic technologies and pharmaceuticals to transform our cognitive abilities and ultimately, our consciousness. It paints a scenario of rapid evolution as we humans deliberately become transhuman or superhuman.

Transhumanism is the branch of philosophy dealing with cognitive enhancement. These technology savvy philosophers primarily study the brain, mind and consciousness, not so much the body.  To coin their phrase, “meat is messy”.  In other words, the biological body is vulnerable and slow, the mind is malleable and fast.

Historically and correctly, Ben Rich, Edgar Mitchell and others involved in space exploration identified consciousness as the next frontier. I wrote in Exoconsciousness that extraterrestrial experiencers are intimately aware of the central role of consciousness in craft navigation, communication, energy systems and interstellar travel. As experiencers we also acknowledge the necessity of peace as a component in advanced consciousness and in our ability to function as an evolved space-faring race.

Davos Risk Number 5: Discovery of Alien Life outlines the implications of finding the fossilized presence of life in the universe through space exploration. Per the document, with this discovery,we would then acknowledge “life is as natural and as ubiquitous a part of the universe as the stars and galaxies”. This is a rather radical statement exposing the assumed nature of our universe. It naturally leads to the question—do economists and scientists currently view the universe as dead? And if so, why?

One answer may originate in the report’s emphasis on mining and exploration, economic ownership. Our human race is familiar with this framework and mythology. Humans on Earth are life and we can easily own and exploit what is not alive.

We have a long journey into space and on the way, as a planet and as a species, will need to decide who we are, who we are becoming. We also need to decide how we will relate to who and what we encounter. It will surely move us out of our “familiar”. Rewrite a few myths.

Fifty-two years ago the Brookings Report was written with the idea of    possibly encountering extraterrestrial beings with whom we would want to communicate.  Today’s Global Risks 2013 was written with the idea of encountering rocks and planetary-stellar-asteroid surfaces we want to bring back to earth or to our space colonies.

What different worldviews and expectations.

The extraterrestrial experiencer community, those who have holistically advanced their consciousness and acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, validates the crucial role of communication and the importance of developing psychic abilities.

We may choose to mine minerals in space with technology and pharmaceutical-enhanced brains, but doing so we will remain earth-bound, tied in knots and limited by human vulnerabilities. Limited by our definition and experience of consciousness. All we venture will be sought through our world of 5 senses. Five enhanced, but limited senses.

For those willing to move beyond current constrictures of consciousness–a psychic universe awaits us. We each carry a multi-dimensional psychic source within our being. Its our innate pack of preparedness. Now we need to tap its resources, utilize its wisdom.   

Extraterrestrial experiencers remind us of the reality of a consciousness beyond our brains and bodies, connected to a source that demands a change of beliefs, boundaries and values.  We sense this reality in a nascent manner, but still tinker with it around the edges. This consciousness source is a frequency that we can know and align, but only through opening to and allowing it to transform us. This frequency is Exoconsciousness.

More on that later.