Addicted to Military-Intelligence UFO Disclosure or Exoconscious?

Posted on November 5, 2016 · Posted in Exoconscious Citizen, Exopolitics

Who believes Military-Intelligence have UFO-ET information to disclose to the American citizens that has not been leaked or that you do not already know?

I asked this question to a conference of MUFON, UFO researchers. The knowledge in that room represented the accumulation of thousands of years, as many in attendance had researched for decades.

Prior to asking the question, in my presentation, I described a WikiLeaked email sent by me on behalf of Dr. Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta. In the WikiLeak, Edgar questioned the 50-year old Brookings and Rand studies that suppressed citizens’ UFO and ET information. We suggested that 50 years had dramatically shifted the public awareness of an ET Presence, as ongoing leaks and researchers apprised citizens of information.

So, I asked the question:

Who believes Military-Intelligence have UFO-ET information to disclose to the American citizens that has not been leaked or that you do not already know?

I assumed that a few hands might appear.

A Stunning Sea of Hands  hands-fotolia

Instead, I stood stunned, as a majority of the room raised their hands.  A majority believed that Government Intelligence held essential information to which they had no hint or knowledge. That the BIG information was yet to come!

I looked out over the sea of raised hands and informed them that Edgar and I believed that citizens possess most of the UFO-ET information. Neither Edgar nor I were consumed with chasing leaks or whistleblowers. We integrated the Ufology information. And during my time with Edgar at Quantrek, we moved forward toward developing and implementing energy systems based on what we knew of the ET Presence.

Disclosure Disconnect

Standing among the sea of raised hands, I experienced a Disclosure disconnect.

What was going on? What had I not seen, all these many years in Ufology?

Addicted to Military Disclosure

The conference attendees’ response to my question was a defining moment.

I faced the fact that despite years, if not decades, of research and whistleblowing, that citizens WANTED to believe their government-military-intelligence community had vital secret undisclosed information.

Why the disconnect? What was going on? Then a simple, yet thoughtful, answer came.

Ufology was addicted to information. Including me.

We citizens involved in Disclosure, whether in MUFON, Exopolitics, or Exoconsciousness are addicted to government, military, and intelligence information. After 70 years of suppression, our addiction is such that, like a drug or alcohol addiction—there will never be enough Disclosure information. Each day begins the cycle anew of searching for more information.

We root the information internet like hogs for truffles.




Addiction: Information is our Drug

An Information Addiction program has been underway for decades. It is pivotal in psychological intelligence programs.

Information Addiction characterizes our technological age. Humans are bits of information, as are plants, animals and even our planet. If you can’t shove a piece of reality into a computer as information—then it doesn’t exist. Even your emotions are information.

Social media as endless information became a proving ground for intelligence addiction programs.

Social media addiction is examined by psychologists and social scientists.  It is Real.

Algorithmic Filtering is used to create social media addiction. Facebook has the longest history of tweaking algorithms and then monitoring user response, until we are addicted. Facebook addiction algorithms have the highest ranking.

Facebook spawns Ufology’s Addiction to Military Disclosure  addiction-sileo

In 2013 Facebook and many social media and computer corporations denied knowing they were involved in the government PRISM spying program to mine data.

Move on, there is nothing here….so, more users signed up for accounts.

Until today, it’s not that our social media, computer information is mined, it is that we are manipulated by information via algorithmic filtering.  Silently, we developed an addiction to each news brief, post, tweet, and YouTube.

Unless you break the social media addiction, you have no idea how immersed you are in this program.  Its tentacles are broad and deep.

Addiction by Promotion and Censor

Programmed Information’s addictive tentacles include both promoting and censoring to achieve the proper “user response”.

If you are promoted, then you carry the program message.

If you are censored, then Facebook deems your UFO information inappropriate and your boost gets yanked, without any recourse. Your posting goes missing to hundreds of your followers.

As goes Social Media…so goes Disclosure

As addictive information, Disclosure is being manipulated, filtered, and fashioned by intelligence to achieve optimal citizen response.  It’s no longer that ETs are present, it’s how the information can be used to achieve optimal results that intelligence deems useful for their programs and purposes.

Via Social Media, Intel determines what’s optimal. Not the researchers, not the ET Experiencers.

How did this happen? How did we become Addicted?

Optimal Addiction   



To maintain high-levels of addiction, ET UFO information comes in drips and drabs.

We grab our mobile phone and stand under the designed spout of information with our tongues hanging out, hoping for the golden drop of information to slake our Disclosure thirst.

Disclosure Drops

Today, disclosure drops are mounting with each WikiLeak. Our addiction is in high gear. We are insatiable.

Rock musician, Tom Delonge became a drop. He claims that he has insider UFO information for Podesta. He claims the government delayed Disclosure because we needed time to develop technology to defend ourselves from Alien Invasion.

So, let me get this straight.  Since Colonel Corso, the military leaked that we possess advanced technology back-engineered from ET—and yet—decades later we still need to get our act together before we are invaded by ET.

Does that make sense? Of course, not! If ET gave us information, why are we so threatened by their invasion. It makes no sense.

Ask an addict in recovery how adept they became at contorting reality to feed their addiction.

nonsense-123rfNonsense of Addiction

As addictive, Disclosure information doesn’t have to make sense. As addicted, our job is to attach meaning to meaninglessness.

Ours is an information addiction, so to achieve our necessary high, we contort information to make sense. With each intelligence drop, we need to engage and feel excited and stimulated to emit the proper algorithmic response.

Addiction is a two-way street.  We get our information high and the program gets the desired algorithmic result.

We locked-on to the information! Sometimes it’s a big gulp.  Sometimes those are the best hit.

As the drops accumulate they are monitored. Lights are going off at some Intelligence bunker signaling that the Disclosure information stimulus generated the proper citizen response. Sterling stimulus = rapid response. High Fives all around Intel.

Benenson Drop

Another Drop came from Benenson Strategy Group on behalf of Rockefeller Initiative participant, Hillary Clinton’s, presidential campaign.  Michael Salla examines Clinton’s campaign Salvage Operation, Firesign, which would enact a UFO False Flag to win the election.

Edgar Mitchell WikiLeak Drop

John Podesta experienced a Disclosure boost from WikiLeaked emails from myself and Edgar Mitchell.  After Quantrek, my work focused on Exoconsciousness. I viewed psychological information manipulations as mind control.

I admitted my own collusion in the craziness. I wanted a path out of my information addiction.

From Information Duped Addict to Exoconscious   



How do we break our Disclosure Addiction?

First, and foremost, we Integrate what we experience and research about the ET Presence.

We use our personal ET Experience as our touchstone. Experience holds meaning. Experience makes meaning.

Gathering information and research are valuable. We are responsible for doing our own work. I’m not discounting the necessity of information.

I am offering that research must be balanced with Experience and Integration.

We need to ask ourselves Questions about information in order to integrate:  What did I learn? How does it contribute to my knowing? Has my perspective changed or remained the same? Does the information spur me to become a more authentic, aware person and live in integrity?

The most important question: How does my research correlate with my ET Experience?

ET Experience is our touchstone.

ET Experience grounds us. We affirm that WE, as ET Experiencers, are the primary source of our Disclosure information.



Second, we responsibly acknowledge when we get caught up in another duped Disclosure, or false flag UFO appearance. We acknowledge our error and determine NOT to collude with yet another intelligence program fashioned to addict us to information not grounded in our experience.

Our ET Experience is about knowing, not algorithm filtered ET stimulus-response. Our ET Experience is about discerning with heart and mind to live in expanded awareness with ease and joy.

Bottom line:  If it doesn’t feel right, then the information is wrong. Delete the information.

Third, we empower ourselves through our creativity

We become the Glitch that Stole Disclosure (sorry Seuss)

ET Experiencers are the primary source of ET UFO information. Not government, military, or intelligence information.

glitch-giphyWhat do I mean by becoming a Glitch?

Throughout the history of military science, again and again, natural human creativity glitched scientific technologically advanced programs.

While propaganda may claim that all military science is wildly successful—nothing is further from the truth.  Often science and technology either fail or have unintended consequences. Just look at your smart phone or computer—how many updates pass through unnoticed that correct mistakes? Until now, updates silently download. Glitch quietly corrected—propaganda stays on message.

How does a Glitch occur?   

Exoconscious upgrade their DNA

Healers heal without meds or surgery

Information passes via human-ET telepathy

Recovery from Information Addiction occurs

Human hearts discern and lead to integrity

Humans energetically shed nanoparticle implants

Humans delete transhuman robotic programs designed to make us obsolete

Sane healthy communities flourish

Glitching Breaks the Information Addiction

Together, we can glitch ET Experiencer-sourced Disclosure Back from the Government.

If you are Glitching you are no longer Addicted.

We who glitch ask questions. First we ask questions of ourselves and how we relate to the information received. We stand back from the barrage of information and allow our knowing to unfold naturally. We use all of our tools of discernment, especially our hearts, to determine if we wish to accept and integrate or delete this information.

But we do not glitch alone.             international-community-iranreview

It takes a community to Glitch. That is why the Institute for Exoconsciousness is creating a world-wide network of ET Experiencer Groups.

If Humans are to Own their ET Identity, their Exoconsciousness, then it starts as one by one, we gather to support and nurture our intelligence, creativity, and consciousness.

If you are ready to join us, please contact us through the Institute for Exoconsciousness website.